Dream of: 17 September 2007 (3) "Aggradient"

Rochelle (the overweight girlfriend of George, a handy man who sometimes worked for me in Portsmouth) had rented a room from me in the house where I was living. As she and I were sitting in the room, I looked her over. She had lost weight and looked much better than before. I realized if she would lose enough weight, she could be a pretty woman. I thought maybe she and I might walk together around the nearby streets for exercise to help her lose some weight.

I was hoping we would be comfortable living so close to each other. I was even thinking we would get so used to each other, we would probably end up walking around naked in front of each other. We talked and I asked, "How's George?"

She said George was doing ok. Apparently she was still seeing George.

I finally stood up and walked over to the bathroom to pick up some of my stuff which was scattered around. As I straightened up, Rochelle said something about our being "aggradient." I knew she was trying to use a big word which simply meant "neighboring." I thought it interesting that she would even try to use such a word.

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