Dream of: 27 August 2007 "Lack of Strength"

I was riding around in a little cart, bigger than a golf cart, with six or seven other people. We were riding through one building after another, all of which seemed to be connected like a gigantic mall. The driver of the cart sped along through corridors and bounced up and down steep stairs. The ride was exhilarating although at times a little frightening. I had never been on a ride like this and I wasn't even sure of its purpose. Apparently the carts were simply used to transport people round the buildings.

When the cart finally stopped and I got off, I felt as if I would like to go again. After walking a short ways, I found a line of other carts of different sizes and shapes, lined up and waiting for passengers. Some carts seemed to be waiting for groups of esoteric passengers. A group of naked women were boarding one cart and I wanted to take that one, but it left before I could get on board. A second group of beautiful women dressed in showy clothes passed me to board another cart. I walked along next to one of the women, took a chance, and told her she was beautiful. She half smiled and continued on with the others, boarded a cart and took off.

I noticed the carts seemed to be lined up on a balcony, and below was a huge room, something like an auditorium filled with people. Instead of boarding one of the carts, I thought I might just jump off the balcony and fly around over the people below. I was sure I could fly, but for a moment I wondered what it would be like if my powers failed me and I jumped off the balcony and simply plummeted to the floor below.

I decided to try something else. Several portly businessmen were boarding one cart. I spoke to one of the men in a different language, talking gibberish that made no sense. When they were on board, I walked over to the  cart, stood in front of it, and mentally willed the cart with the business men inside to rise into the air. The cart rose about a meter high. I had in mind that I would not only jump off the balcony and fly, but that I would also will the cart and the men to fly along in front of me. But the strain was too much. I was surprised to realize I simply didn't have the strength to keep the cart and the men floating in the air. I had to let them back down.

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