Dream of: 26 August 2007 "Unexpected Losses"

I was in Carolina's home, which was located on the lot where the House in Patriot normally stands. I was in a big room which contained several workstations because this was also where Carolina worked. A few other people were in the room working, but everyone was getting ready to leave because it was the weekend.

I was sitting at a computer and I would also be leaving soon. I had been trying to pull up my stock screen, but because it was the weekend I wasn't having success. Carolina (probably in her late 20s) stepped up behind me and said she had taken $10,000 out of my stock account because she had needed the money. She said something about how she thought she had a right to it because she owned the house and I didn't. She was speaking rather loudly and a thin woman (probably in her mid 40s) in the room was clearly listening. I had the feeling that the woman was Carolina's superior and that Carolina was talking so loudly to impress the woman with the amount of money in question.

I was surprised she had taken the money without asking and I tried harder to pull up the stop screen to look at my balance. I saw a figure of $44,000 and I figured that must be the balance, since I thought I had had about $54,000 in this account. So it looked as if Carolina had indeed taken the money. I wasn't really angry, but I wasn't happy about her taking the money. I thought I was going to have to think more about it.

Meanwhile most people were leaving and I stood also to leave because I thought Carolina's husband Sal might soon return and I didn't want to be here when he came back. I noticed a black-haired lanky fellow (probably in his mid 20s) leaning back in an easy chair and I had the impression he might be a relative of Sal's, so I thought it best that I hasten my departure.

Someone came into the room and announced that Sal had been in a car wreck and seven or eight people had been killed. Apparently Sal was uninjured and he would soon be home.

I walked outside and got in my car. Carolina followed me out and as I was getting ready to pull away I told her I would have to talk to her later about the $10,000. I also asked her if she were going to leave Sal soon, as she had said she was going to do. I pointed out that if she stayed with him she might end up losing her house. If he were sued because of the car wreck, she could lose everything. Even if he had liability insurance, his coverage might not be enough and she might lose the house.

She didn't seem to know what to think. I began trying to pull out of the lot. I had to circle around several cars, but finally I was ready to head down the road.

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