Dream of: 19 August 2007 "Dilapidated House"

I was in a ranch-style house which I was thinking of buying. The house was sitting in the country with no other houses nearby. A thin woman (about 30 years old) was with me. She had been living in the same house in which I had been living and we might have been somehow related. I thought she might want to move into this new house with me. However, I wasn't really thinking of living in the house, because I was thinking more of renting it.

The house was in terrible shape. Junk was piled everywhere. As I started walking through the house, I noticed some dogs and cats coming inside. They were coming up from the basement through a hole in the floor under the sink. I tried running them out.

I kept looking around until I decided I wasn't going to buy the house. However, I had already placed an ad in the newspaper to rent the house, and suddenly people began showing up. One after another they came inside and looked around. Obviously I couldn't rent it since I didn't even own it.

I started having second thoughts about buying the house. I had never actually met the owner, but I had told the owner I wasn't going to take the house. Now I thought perhaps I should return to the owner and begin negotiating to buy the house. The more I looked at it, the more the house seemed fixable.

Four or five Mexican men showed up. They were interested in renting the house. I had a little trouble communicating with them -- we spoke half-Spanish, half-English. I told them they could come back tomorrow.

A woman (about 40 years old) showed up and started cleaning up the house, wiping off things with a rag. I wondered if she were the owner. I didn't think so. I followed her as she walked through the house. I wanted to find out who she was.

As we went through the house, I discovered a large laundry room which I hadn't even seen before. More than ever I thought I should probably try to buy the house.

After two or three other people showed up to look at the house, I decided I needed to contact the owner as quickly as possible to see if I could buy the house, even though it was going to require much work.

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