Dream of: 04 August 2007 "New Owners"

My mother (old and frail, about 70 years old) and I had gone to the Summerdale Drive House (which looked very different from normal). I had previously sold the House to a woman who resembled a woman to whom I had sold the house I owned on Center Street in Portsmouth, but I still had a key to the House. I had unlocked the door and my mother and I had walked in. No one had been home and we had decided to spend the night.

We had already scattered our stuff around and opened up doors and drawers. I thought what we were doing was dangerous because the new owners might come home in the middle of the night and find my mother and me there. I asked my mother if she would prefer to go to a motel. I knew of a clean motel nearby which would only cost $30. She seemed reluctant and indicated she wanted to stay where we werre. I told her someone might come with a gun in the middle of the night. Staying would be dangerous, but she wanted to stay.

When she lay down on a bed, I decided I was at least going to clean up the place. I started picking up our stuff and shutting the cabinet doors in the kitchen. When everything was pretty well cleaned up, I looked out the front widow through the blinds and saw a vehicle sitting out front. I thought the new owners might be retuning. I walked out into the front yard and ascertained that the people in the vehicle weren't the owners.

Other people were walking on the sidewalk on the other side of the fence. A woman stopped at the gate and looked as if she were going to come into the yard. I thought she might be the new owner, but she wasn't.

I was carrying a long knife about 60 centimeters long. The woman looked at me as I stuck the knife in the ground by the fence. She seemed to be wondering what I was doing.

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