Dream of: 28 July 2007 (2) "Converted Land"

I was in the Gallia County Farmhouse. I hadn't been there in a long time and I was enjoying myself. People began showing up and soon the whole Farmhouse was full of people. I slowly realized most were somehow related to my step-mother. They were crowded into all the seats in the new section of the House which my father had built. They seemed somewhat obtuse and most seemed to be children. I had the feeling that they were watching me closely and that they were spies for my step-mother.

My sister (probably in her late 20s) was also present, in the kitchen. I walked into the kitchen, sat down and began talking with her. She was friendly. She seemed to be trying to ignore the situation. She obviously knew the people in the other room were watching us and were acting as my step-mother's spies, and she was clearly afraid she would be ousted from the Farm by my step-mother. I wondered if my sister now saw what I had seen so long ago -- what my step-mother was really like.

I told my sister the House seemed like a movie theater, with so many people were crowded into the seats. She didn't want to talk about it. She seemed apprehensive, even frightened that if she said anything wrong, something would happen to her.

I kept talking to her until we finally walked out the back door together. Fog hanging over the back yard was beginning to clear. My sister intended to show me how my step-mother had planted green luxuriant plants all over the back yard. I gazed over the plants. They were very pretty, but I knew they must have cost a fortune. We walked down the hill through the plants, which seemed like corn stalks only about twice as tall.

My sister and I were walking with our arms around each other. We felt close and friendly. I thought if she and I were to wander deeper into the plants, we might have even closer physical contact. However, other people were walking around in the plants and the opportunity didn't present itself for us to become closer. We simply couldn't escape from all the people.

Suddenly I remembered I had heard my father had cut down all the trees on the Farm. Wanting to see for myself, I looked around at the surrounding hills. They didn't look so bad. The hills had been mowed and new growth had already begun. I was surprised, however, to see a whole new development of houses on the hill behind the House. There must have been 100 new houses.

My sister and I walked down to where the old milk house used to stand. People were everywhere. There seemed to be hundreds of people. I thought I saw my step-mother's son Alex among them. I definitely didn't want to talk with him. I had already decided I wouldn't shake his hand if he were to hold it out to me. I wasn't even sure the fellow I saw was he, but I walked past without saying anything. He was busy with something anyway.

I asked my sister if they planned to look for oil on the Farm. She said they did. Apparently they thought they were going to strike it rich with oil. I told my sister I hoped the whole thing went bankrupt. She seemed concerned they might lose everything.

A group of important-looking men walked by. One looked exactly like the actor William Macy. I even thought he was Macy. I said, "Those must be the money men."

My sister agreed that the men were there for business purposes.

She and I walked into the field behind the big long barn. I looked back toward the milk house and saw an office building five or six stories high on top of the milk house. Another tall office building stood next to the milk house. It looked as if a small city were developing here.

As we walked up the hill toward the old tobacco barn, four or five children gathered around me. They came so close to me that one little boy touched me and I told him to stay away from me. Suddenly a man came running toward me with a pair of sheers about 30 centimeters long in his hand. He brandished the sheers threateningly. He seemed offended that I hadn't wanted the kids around me. It looked as if we were going to fight.

Someone else was present: some men with a huge anti-aircraft gun, with barrels about three meters long. At first the gun was pointed toward the sky, but then the men turned the gun around and aimed it at me. The men looked like Arabs, which made me think they had converted this land into some kind of military training area. 

I continued walking up the hill until I reached the top. From there I could look out across the creek and across the road to where the government land was. Trees were still abundantly growing on the government land. Some development, however, was taking place on the government land, apparently so the government could be closer to the development on the Farm.

I could now more clearly see how the trees on the Farm had all been cut down. However, the Farm didn't look as bad as I had anticipated and I could see the place was still valuable. I wondered if it were still possible that I might inherit something there. The thought was fleeting. I didn't think I would inherit anything here.

My sister and I returned to the Farmhouse, walked inside and sat down. My sister didn't seem to want to talk. As I looked at her, she looked exactly like my father (probably in his late 40s). She was still my sister (or my brother), but she looked like my father. He (she) mentioned that my step-mother's son Alex had wanted to give the Farm a corporate name which would have included Alex's name in the name of the corporation. My father, however, hadn't permitted that. So apparently my father was still somewhat in control of the situation and my step-mother hadn't wrested complete control from him.

We talked about my father. Referring to my father, I asked, "Do you think you can believe anything he says?"

He (she) responded, "Yes."

I could, however, see doubt in his (her) eyes.

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