Dream of: 19 July 2007 "Lending Money"

I had moved into a sparsely furnished two-story house which I didn't own. I was lying on a mattress on the floor and through the door I could see other people showing up in the adjoining room. Three different groups of people arrived. Sandy (one of my tenants in Portsmouth) and her people were in one group. Some Mexicans constituted the second group. In the third group was a black woman and a couple people with her.

The black women (probably in her mid 30s) walked into my room, sat down, and started talking with me. I had talked with her before and I was attracted to her. She started talking about a house which she wanted to buy for $30,000. Apparently I had told her I would help her out. I had originally intended to try to help her procure a loan, but now I decided I could just lend her the money myself and I could take a mortgage on the house. I figured I had about $65,000 in cash. Lending her $30,000 would "pinch" me a little, I thought, but I told her that I would lend her the money and that I would charge her interest. I thought I would probably charge 6% interest, so at least I would have a little extra monthly income. I told her I didn't want a 30 year loan - I would be 85 years old by the time that would be finished. I thought we could make the loan for 10-20 years. I thought about all the documents I would have to prepare. If I were going to prepare them myself, the task should be fairly simple. I could prepare the papers quite quickly.

She seemed happy with the idea. She leaned close to put and I put my arm around her and hugged her. I ever so slightly slipped my hand down the back of her pants. I could tell that she and I would probably have an intimate relationship, which I thought would be fine.

I stood up and walked out to the huge garage, where my white 1999 Ford Escort was parked. Four or five policemen (dressed in casual clothes) showed up. I wasn't sure what they wanted, but they were all friendly. One began talking with me. He said I was going to have to get an Ohio sticker on the car. He was going to put the Ohio sticker on the side window. I told him I thought I could keep the Ohio sticker and the Texas sticker at the same time. I didn't think there was any law against having two different sets of stickers. I thought people living in neighboring states sometimes did that. Since I wasn't sure, however, I mentioned the idea to the policeman. He didn't seem concerned about my having two sets of stickers.

The garage was filled with all kinds of stuff, including tall stacks of food. As I looked around, I worried the policemen might think this stuff was stolen, although I knew it wasn't. Suddenly I recalled the policeman who had been talking with me was dating the woman who owned this house. Her name was Mrs. Williams.

I was also worried the policemen might think I had moved into the house without permission, even though I knew I did indeed have permission. I mentioned Mrs. Williams to the officer, and he indicated that he knew who I was and that I had a right to live here. I felt better to know the police weren't concerned about my being here.

The officers finished what they were doing and prepared to leave. It looked as if I weren't going to have any problems with them.

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