Dream of: 13 June 2007 "Quise Apprender Espanol"

I was attending an event something like a class reunion. My wife, Carolina, was sitting on my left. A man (about 40 years old) who looked exactly like the actor Jackie Chan walked up and sat down on my right in an aisle seat. Other people were sitting in the rows of seats all around us. As Chan and I talked, we put our heads right next to each other. I thought he was interesting, but he finally stood to leave. I told him his seat wouldn't be here if he came back because other people were standing in the aisle looking for seats.

As soon as Chan left, a soldier (also about 40 years old) dressed in a military uniform walked up and sat down. He said his name was "Snipe." I now realized I should have talked more with Chan. I hadn't been very entertaining. I had a vast repertoire of subjects which would interest people, such as how I had been in Texas all these years, what I had done in Texas, little anecdotes of my experiences there. However, I had remained mostly silent with Chan. The soldier was obviously a dullard. He didn't say much and he looked as if he might even fall asleep. waiting for seats

I abruptly decided I wanted to do something to impress people. The room was circular and all around the perimeter were bars which almost made the room seem like a cage. I walked over to the bars and jumped up and grabbed one. I proceeded to grab one bar after another until I had traveled all the way around the room. I thought people must be watching me, although I didn't hear anyone say anything. Finally I climbed all the way to the top and grabbed the bars which ran around the ceiling.

Chan also climbed up on the bars and placed himself about seven meters behind me. He was doing the same thing as me -- gabbing one bar after another and pulling himself along. We seemed to be in a race and I started going faster and faster around the room. I thought Chan was much more athletic than I, but he was never able to catch me, I was going so fast.

Finally I descended, walked over to a table and sat down. A couple fellows and a woman were sitting at another table directly behind me. I glanced at a book which the woman was holding and I saw that the book had something to do with "verbs." I knew it was a book which contained lists of verbs. I asked the woman what language the book was in and she said "Spanish."

She was thin and frail (about 25 years old). I immediately began speaking to her in Spanish. She responded in Spanish. I was able to understand her and I was able to speak Spanish quite well. I was unsure if the two fellows with her spoke Spanish, but I continued my conversation with her in Spanish. Finally she asked me if it were true that I used to go to Mexico and why I had done so. I said I used to go down for a couple months at a time "muchas veces." She asked me why I had gone. I told her I hadn't had a reason, but finally I said, "La razon fue que quise apprender espanol."

That seemed like a good enough reason. As soon as I said that, I stood up and walked away, and I could hear the three of them talking about me.

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