Dream of: 11 June 2007 "Animal Traps"

I was in a building, in an all-white basement where a classroom had been set up. A bearded fellow (about 25 years old, whom I had seen giving computer classes at the Portsmouth public library) was giving classes here.

I also had a job connected with these classes. After every class I would go out for an hour and check on animals and animal traps. I wasn't trapping the animals, only checking on them. I was then paid $100 each time. I had already done this several times in the past. Today, after a class, I had gone out and had now returned to receive my money.

The man who paid had a desk here in the basement, but he wasn't here at the moment and I was waiting for him. I walked behind the desk and saw a check which I thought might be for me, but it was to the other guy. The name was filled in but not the amount. (If the check had been mine, I had thought about taking it, but I quickly decided I couldn't to that).

I walked back out to the other fellow who gave the classes and told him I had  a question for him. I asked him how much he made for his hour class. He looked at me incredulously as if that were not a question I should ask. I told him the class was public and I should have a right to know. He said he made $2,100 for the course and was paid after each class. I figured the course was 10 hours so he must make about $210 for each hour. His pay, therefore, was better than mine and I had to go outside in the snow (white snow was on the ground even now). I thought about telling him I was a lawyer and I could make more than this if I wanted, but I didn't say anything.

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