Dream of: 23 April 2007 "Collusion"

While I was in the main lobby of the courthouse in Scioto County, Ohio, I realized the Gallia County Farm was in the process of being auctioned off by the district attorney. I stood and watched in astonishment as someone bid in the Farm for $25,000. Afterward I walked over to the district attorney and I tried to determine what had happened. I couldn't figure it out. I asked the district attorney if he would show me the file so I could see how many liens were on the Farm. I thought there was a bank lien and second lien for some small loan. I told him there could only be two liens at the most, but he pointed to a tab in his file and said there were some 15 liens. He pulled out a paper with some of the amounts and creditors scribbled down. One was for $187,000. Another was for an amount almost as large. One lien was a "water lien" for $200,000. I told him I had heard about the water lien before, but that it was "bogus." Some of the other liens were also for substantial amounts. I was shocked. I knew my father had sold off all the timber on the Farm, but I had had no idea all these liens were against the property. I couldn't understand how my father had chalked up so much debt. I was also surprised that no creditors had shown up at the foreclosure sale.

I asked the district attorney if he could tell me who had bought the property. He nodded to a man sitting on the bench near him. I looked at the man who was tall and slender, perhaps 30 years old. I turned to the man and we started talking. He seemed foreign and I had the feeling he might be Russian. I quickly began to have a feeling of what had happened. I figured that my father must have colluded with the man to buy the property in order to cut off the liens. After the sale, my father would procure the property from the man without the liens. The idea was simple: have a foreclosure sale to wipe off the liens, then buy the property back free of liens. Clearly this would be illegal. My father was committing a crime.

 I was standing and the man was sitting. I looked at him and told him I would pay him $30,000 cash for the property. He showed interest, but he wanted more details. The district attorney was listening to the conversation. I wanted to show the district attorney that the man was colluding with my father. I knew I couldn't simply give the man $30,000 right now, given the haziness of the deal, but I told the man that I would give him the money in five days when we could get a title company to give me title insurance.

The man stood up. All his teeth were rotten. He seemed uncertain what to do. He walked over to a black phone and made a call. I told the district attorney to try to listen so he could hear my father's voice and thus have a case against my father and the man. I told the district attorney that we could later obtain evidence of who had received the call. I walked over near the man and listened closely. Yes, I could hear my father's voice on the phone. My father was screaming that his son was trying to steal his property from him.

I looked around for the district attorney. Here was conclusive evidence. But the district attorney had disappeared. I rushed to a neighboring room, but I couldn't find the district attorney. I walked back to the man, who was still talking, and I took the phone from him. The word "colluding" kept running through my mind. Into the receiver I said, "This is your son. You colluded with this patsy? You think you can get away with this?"

 My father uttered a few unintelligible words.

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