Dream of: 08 April 2007 "She's So Fine"

I was at a class in which I had enrolled. We were in the second day of class. We were supposed read something and then we were supposed to write a little story about what we had read. I almost hadn't come to class today because I hadn't completed the assignment - but I decided to go anyway. A male teacher and 30-40 people were in the class. The teacher began calling out names for people to read their stories and several people did so. One person however admitted that he "hadn't done it."  (hadn't completed the assignment). I thought I would also admit that I "hadn't done it." If the teacher called on me, I would simply say, "I haven't done it."

I thought I heard my name called. I blurted, "I haven't done it."

But the teacher hadn't called my name -- he had called "Collins." I wasn't sure I should have said what I had said.

Someone else began reciting a story. I thought to myself that I could just make up a little story and recite it here ad lib. I even began thinking of a story, verses began passing through my mind. I heard the words "She's so fine." As I passed through the poem in my mind, the words and the rhymes came right along. I actually began floating up in the air. I seemed to be imagining I was floating and at the same time I was floating around over the room. At the same time, I floated outside. I was actually floating up there and people were watching me. I was making little movements with my body to go along with the rhyming.

Floating outside the school, I could see a tall cliff rising beside the school. Trees were growing along the side of the cliff. I flew up through the trees and came down into the trees. I floated all around. I didn't know whether anyone watching had become impressed. All the while, the rhymes were flinging through my mind. I did seem to write something and it seemed as if people were listening because I ended the poem with words about making love with this woman. Some other people were repeating the words of the rhyme as I said them. I continued floating and floating downward until I landed.

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