Dream of: 29 March 2007 "Outstanding Warrant"

Another fellow and I stopped by my ex-brother-in-law James' house in West Portsmouth. After I knocked on the back door, James (about 50 years old) and a woman came to the door, and I asked James if he had any marijuana which he could sell me. I hated to ask, but I did anyway. He asked me how much I wanted and he told the woman to go fetch a $20 bag. I had a $50 bill in my pocket, and I told him I would prefer to have a $50 bag, but a $20 bag would be fine. I was hesitant to buy $50 worth, because I was afraid I would throw the marijuana away after I bought it. I had a habit of doing that. Therefore I decided $20 would be enough.

The fellow (only about 30 years old) with me was a lawyer. He, James and I sat down at a table in the back yard. The lawyer also apparently intended to buy some pot and he pulled out some papers for all of us to sign. Apparently he thought the signed papers would help us if we were arrested with the marijuana. James and I sat at the table and looked over the papers. James had a set of the papers and I had a set. I was dubious about the benefits of the papers, but I thought signing them wouldn't hurt.

I noticed a clause in the papers which said a person shouldn't live in a state in which any warrants were outstanding against the person. I knew I was living in Ohio and it seemed as if there was an outstanding warrant against me for a minor offense in Ohio. I thought perhaps I shouldn't actually be living in Ohio.

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