Dream of: 28 March 2007 (2) "Red Drink"

I was lounging around with a group of people. Among them was my old junior high schoolmate, Maxie, as well as Maxie's younger sister (both were in their early 20s). I hadn't seen them in a long time. As I lay there in front of the other people, I asked Maxie if she would go out with me. She said no, she wouldn't. So I asked the sister and she said yes.

I was lying on my side and the sister was lying next to me. I reached over and pulled her close to me. (She looked like the actress in the movie The Executioner's Song.) She felt soft and she seemed sweet. Suddenly someone said the sister was going to have a baby. The person said it was a surprise. I responded that it was a surprise for me too. Everyone looked at me as if they thought I had already known -- but I hadn't. I noticed her stomach was just beginning to show she was pregnant. I said it didn't make any difference -- I still wanted to be with her.

The sister stood up and walked away. Maxie walked over to me with a drink which she had made for me. The drink was in a large cup, probably 24 ounces. I took the cup in my hand and looked in it. The liquid looked like thick red tomato soup with big pieces of something green which looked like cucumbers. I began drinking. It was absolutely delicious. I told Maxie how good it tasted.

My father (about 50 years old) was sitting close by. I told him to take a drink. I handed it to him and he began drinking. He greedily gulped down over half of it. He handed it back to me and I continued drinking. I noticed the flavor of meat in the drink, even though I thought the drink consisted only of vegetables. I asked Maxie if the drink had any meat, and she responded that a tiny bit of meat might have been in the drink. I figured she had simply put in some meat for flavoring. The meat also seemed to add to the texture of the drink. I wasn't sure, but I thought I detected the flavor of bacon.

When I had finished, I walked over to Maxie and told her I thought that had been the best drink I had ever had. She seemed happy to hear it. Abruptly I put my arms around her and pulled her close to me. She half resisted, but I spoke soothingly to her and told her I wished there was some way we could get together. Although she protested, I had the feeling she rather enjoyed my holding her. I nurtured hope that sometime she and I might be able to get together. 

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