Dream of: 02 March 2007 "Paintings"

My wife Carolina and I were in the front room of the Summerdale Drive House. From the wall I had pulled a painting (about a meter long and about a half meter tall) which I intended to take with me. Once I had the painting in my hand, I was surprised to see a rod which ran along the top of the painting. I was more surprised to see several different paintings attached to the rod so I was able to flip them over one after the other to change the painting in front.

I liked all the paintings. One depicted an abstract scene in Paris. Carolina liked that one. Another delightful abstract painting displayed a large ship about to pass under a raised bridge. Yet another painting was a portrait of John F. Kennedy from the waist up. The next painting, by Marc Chagall, showed a man flying through the air. The following painting was of tiny flowers. I identified the painter as Degas.

I was happily surprised by all the paintings. I thought I would be able to change them one after the other, whenever I wanted.

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