Dream of: 28 February 2007 "Cracked Horse"

I was with a thin woman (about 30 years old) who had set up a little stand in front of a house on 8th Street in Portsmouth, not far from the Gay Street House. On the stand were a couple items which the woman was trying to sell. One item was a small brown pottery piece which my mother had given me. The piece looked different from the piece I had originally received. This pretty piece looked like a stylized horse with its front legs up in the air.

The woman was showing the piece to someone who had stepped up to the stand and she pointed out a crack right in the middle of the piece in the area of the horse's waist. The woman said she only wanted $75 for the piece -- because of the crack. I thought the price was high, but I hoped we would get at least $50 for it. While the person was looking at the piece, it came apart right along the crack. It looked as if it had originally been two pieces which had been glued together. So it didn't appear to be broken -- it simply needed to be glued back together.

The woman turned the piece over to show the most important part: the brand name on the bottom. The name was difficult to read: it began with an "n" and contained five letters. The person didn't want the piece and walked away.

I told the woman that I had a very colorful book at home which contained pictures of pottery, and that a picture of this particular piece was in the book. I seemed to recall that the price in the book for the piece was about $150. I asked her if she thought I should fetch the book, and she indicated I should. I thought we could open the book to the page with the picture of the piece and lay the picture on the stand next to the piece, thus improving our odds of selling the piece.

I started walking east on 8th Street, toward my house, only about a block away. A fellow dressed up in a Star Trek outfit was walking toward me. As I passed him, decided I would simply fly to my house. I began rising into the air and flew straight toward my house. Another house sat in front of my house, but I could still see my house, which was blue. Some boys were playing basketball in front of the other house. I flew past them and flew over top of my house.

Above my house were all kinds of electrical wires -- there must have been 100 of them. I rose above the wires, suddenly aware how dangerous they were. I flew to the side, so I wasn't directly above the house, and I began making my descent. I landed on my hands and feet beside my house. Now I intended to go inside and fetch the book.

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