Dream of: 24 February 2007 "Uninvited"

As I walked out of an auditorium (somewhere in Fort Worth), many people were entering, among whom I saw my second cousin Jeff (around 25 years old) with a couple other fellows. Jeff (dressed in white) also recognized me. Since I thought Jeff was a pot-smoker, my first thought was that he might know where I could obtain some marijuana. Happy to see him, I walked up and I said, "Hey, you."

We shook hands and talked. He was about 60 centimeters taller than I. I had never realized he was that tall. He said something about his sister, Brenda, who was also walking into the auditorium. She was a little squat woman (also probably around 25 years old). She didn't look anything like I remembered her. She was talking with several other people and didn't pay attention to me. Nevertheless, I walked up to her.

I was carrying a pair of cloth gloves which I had found inside and had simply walked off with. Brenda looked at the gloves, then touched them. The fabric of the gloves exactly matched the outfit she was wearing - a checkered green pattern. She looked longingly at the gloves as if she wanted them. I almost felt like telling her she could have them, but I didn't.

Jeff's mother, my great-aunt Jane, walked up. About 40 years old, she also didn't look like I remembered her. She didn't pay any attention to me. Their little group began talking among themselves, and I stepped back away from them. They were getting ready to go into the auditorium, and I somewhat wished someone would invite me to go in with them. Nobody invited me, however, and I wasn't going to invite myself. It looked as if they were going to go in without me.

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