Dream of: 09 February 2007 "Chiquita"

About 10 members of my family had come together to adopt a small black girl. They were all standing around, passing the girl around so each person could hold her. Finally the girl was passed to me and I held her in my arms. She was probably 3-4 months old. Apparently she had just been taken from her parents and brought here. As I held her, I began talking to her in Spanish. I knew the others were listening to me. I called her "Chiquita." I instantly decided I would always talk to her in Spanish. I would teach her Spanish. I figured she would be 20-30 years old when I died and she would always remember me as the person who had taught her Spanish. It would take her a while to learn. She would understand me at first, but she might be five years old before she actually started speaking Spanish.

As I continued holding her, a great idea for a novel blitzed in my mind. The novel would be about a man who had lived in the slave era of the United States. The man would buy black women, impregnate them himself, and have children by them. He would then sell his own children into slavery. I had never heard that particular idea expressed in any book. I thought a whole novel could be written around this one theme of a man who was so evil that he would breed women and sell his own children to be slaves. What a great novel that would be if I could only sit down and write it.

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