Dream of: 15 January 2007 "Thin White Wafers"

Carolina had received a ticket for a traffic violation and she and I were now sitting in a courtroom, which seemed more like a classroom with a judge (40-45 years old) sitting in front where a teacher would normally sit. Other people were in the room and the judge was taking the cases one at a time. Apparently everyone was here for the same offense. The police had recently cracked down on some kind of traffic law and many people had been given tickets.

I was wearing a suit but I was barefoot.

We had also been here the day before, and Carolina had brought her papers with her. We had done many calculations on the papers, but we still weren't completely sure what was happening. The judge announced that some cases could be resolved today without paying any fines. I was still uncertain what was going on or what we should do.

When the judge looked right at me as if I should be doing something, Carolina and I stood and walked up to him. I told him we were thinking if we could resolve the case today without paying a fine, we might want to do that. The judge took our file and took a long time looking through it. Finally he stuck the file in with a bunch of other files. I was a little confused, and I asked him if I could see our file again. I took the file and began looking through it again.

Finally the judge gave us a little white box about 15 centimeters long and about 8 centimeters wide. We took the box and headed out of the courtroom. When I had been standing in front of the judge, he hadn't been able to see my bare feet. Now that I was walking out, however, I was afraid the judge would see my feet and hold me in contempt. I might have to pay a fine.

The judge didn't say anything, however, and Carolina and I walked out of the courtroom and out of the courthouse onto the street. I opened the box and found a second little white box inside. I opened the second box and found a third one. I opened the third box and found a fourth one. I thought the judge might be playing a little game, but in the fourth box I finally found something: about 20 thin white wafers. I looked at them and said, "What the hell?"

Other people gathered around and looked at the wafers. Nobody seemed to understand. I thought I was going to figure out what the judge had given me, but it was completely unclear.

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