Dream of: 23 December 2006 (2) "Manufacturing Acid"

I suddenly wanted to take some LSD, but I didn't know where to find any. It seemed as if no one made acid anymore. So I abruptly decided I was going to learn how to manufacture acid. I was also going to learn how to find psychedelic mushrooms. I had the time now. I had always wanted to know how to manufacture LSD.

I pulled out a magazine which I had just happened to have recently seen which had the formula for manufacturing LSD. I opened up to the page where step-by-step directions were given for manufacturing LSD. A list of necessary items was provided. First on the list was some kind of centrifugal spinner. I had previously heard about this item. I would have to get it and everything else on the list. I would then proceed with the manufacture. It all seemed so clear now.

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