Dream of: 23 December 2006 "Dynamic"

Louise (about 30 years old) and I were in a house together. We had been getting along superbly and we made love. The love-making, however, was blurry and passed so quickly, I really didn't feel anything. I hadn't climaxed and I didn't think I had gone long enough to satisfy Louise. Nevertheless, she seemed happy and she didn't seem to care.

We stood around talking as she busily tended to some things. I was very happy to be with her and I thought she and I would continue to get along well. I was impressed with how her life had turned out. I told her there was one word which described her. She asked, "What?"

I answered, "Dynamic."

I thought about asking her how much money she had saved, but I didn't. I thought she had probably saved more than I over the years. 

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