Dream of: 22 December 2006 "Vampire Movie"

Carolina (who didn't look like herself, but like a thin girl about 17-18 years old) and I were actors in a movie we were making. My father was also in the movie, but he didn't know it. The three of us were in a car which my father was driving. As we traveled through the streets, the whole place was being attacked by hordes of vampires. The vampires were everywhere, running through the streets, taking over cars, crashing the cars, and causing flames to burst out of the crashed cars. About half the population had already turned into vampires and the other half was fighting the vampires or running away from them. It was complete chaos. Sometimes I could see the entire area, as if I were watching the movie. At one point the vampires captured a bus, set it on fire, and ran the bus into a big pile of stuff which the vampires had piled up. The bus burst into flames in a gigantic explosion.

I was interested in how my father was reacting. Since he didn't know this was all just part of the movie, he was concerned. The action seemed so real, even I began to worry a little. I even began to wonder if the action was real.

My father kept driving, trying to reach some place in particular, even though vampires were also supposed to be at the place we were trying to reach. Then, as if watching a scene from a movie, I could see the place we were trying to reach, with a huge cloud of smoke hanging over it. It looked as if the place had already exploded.

I noticed my right hand seemed to be going numb and I asked Carolina if the same thing was happening to her hand. She said her hand was ok. In order to show our nonchalance, she and I began playing a little game. I held my hands out in front of me with the palms up. She put her hands over top mine with the palms down. The idea was for me to quickly move my hands and slap her on the back of her hands. My father was watching us as we got ready to start the game.

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