Dream of: 19 December 2006 "Unexpected Reward"

I had been living in a small cottage in the woods. One day while I had been walking in the woods, I came across a dead body. I continued on and soon encountered two boys (one about 15, the other about 10 years old). I quickly concluded the body was the brother of the two boys, and I told them what I had found. They were grateful for the information and they seemed as if they would like do something for me to show their thanks. I thought the older boy had some marijuana, and I told him if he would simply give me a couple joints, I would be happy.

The three of us walked back to my cottage and went inside. The older boy pulled out his billfold, extracted some money, and handed it to me. The money was supposed to be a reward for the information I had given them. I hadn't expected a reward, but I began counting the money, which included a $100 bill. Altogether there was over $200. I asked him how he happened to have so much money, and he told me that he was a professional tennis player and that he was paid to play tennis.

I thought about telling him I didn't want the money. Many times in the past I had turned down money which people had tried to give me. This time, however, I decided to keep the money. I told him I would still like to have a couple joints. He told me that wouldn't be a problem, that he would get them for me.

I noticed that they didn't seem upset about their brother's dying. I asked them how long ago he had died, and they said he had died about 10 months ago. I concluded they didn't seem upset because the brother had died so long ago.

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