Dream of: 18 December 2006 (3) "Limitations"

I had walked into a teenage dance which hadn't started yet; only a few people were present on the dance floor, which looked like a school gymnasium. I waited for the dance to begin, then stepped outside for a moment. People were sitting up a table to collect money for entrance. I hurried back inside.

I saw my old buddy from high school, Duff (about 40 years old and overweight), but I didn't speak to him. I sat down and an Hispanic fellow (about 40 years old) with a little black-haired Hispanic girl (4-5 years old) sat down next to me on my right. I wasn't sure whether the girl was his daughter or his sister, but I thought she was probably his daughter. The girl sat between us and she began talking to me. My hand was lying on my lap. The girl leaned over so her stomach was touching my hand. She pressed against my hand. Her action seemed somewhat inappropriate, but I didn't move. I knew she could feel my hand, and I was uncertain what she was doing.

The fellow stood up and walked away while I continued talking with the girl. Meanwhile, people had started dancing and were dancing all around us. The girl and I were the only ones not dancing. I felt like dancing too. Since the girl didn't have anyone to dance with, I picked her up in my arms, stretched out on my back, and held her in the air over my head. I didn't touch her inappropriately in any way. I moved her around as if I were dancing with her. She was laughing and having a good time.

The Hispanic fellow returned and I put the girl back down. I could tell he was upset I had picked up the girl. He told me not to touch her any more. He said that he had talked with someone and that he now knew who I was. I wondered who had told him my name. I thought to myself that this little episode was something else to "tarnish" me. Obviously I wasn't going to touch the girl again. I just sat quietly.

The fellow softened. He indicated he hadn't want to offend me. He now seemed black. He put his cheek next to mine and rubbed his cheek against mine. I didn't move. He and the girl were now sitting on my left and an older man and woman (each about 60 years old) had sat down on my right. The woman was sitting right next to me. I wanted to put my right arm behind her because I was a little cramped, but I didn't want to offend her. I slipped my arm behind her and she didn't seem to mind.

The Hispanic fellow started talking. Just then, an attractive Hispanic woman (about 30 years old) walked past me right in front of me. She looked right at me and pressed her lips together as if she were kissing me. I pointed my finger at her, but she walked away. The Hispanic fellow seemed surprised the woman had been so obviously interested in me. I was a little surprised myself.  

The fellow began telling me a story about how one of the members of his church owed some money to the church. He said the church had received a promissory note from the member in 1908, and the member had been paying all this time on the note. Apparently the member had now come into some money, and the church wanted to collect on the note. I could hardly believe someone could be paying on a note from 1908. I thought the statute of limitations had probably run, but then I realized as long as the person kept paying on the note, the statue of limitations wouldn't run. The statue of limitations only came into effect when someone stopped paying on a note. A note could be for any amount of time; there was no 30 year limitation. So it was possible that someone could still owe on a promissory note from 1908 and not be able to claim the  astute of limitations. I found that very curious.

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