Dream of: 18 December 2006 "Floating Dance"

I was in a bar. Even though the bar was not yet open for business, four or five girls (around 20 years old, but one was a little older) were dancing in one room. I stood outside the room and listened to the slow beat of the retrograde music. Some one mentioned that the slow music was good for the older girl.

As I watched, I raised my legs into the air so my feet weren't touching the ground. I tucked my legs up under me so I was floating about a meter above the ground, then I floated into the room where the girls were dancing. I floated close to them and I also began gyrating and dancing in my floating position along with them. I was thoroughly enjoying myself. Finally I began spinning around. I closed my eyes, held my hands over my head, and spun around all over the room.

Even though I was floating, nobody paid much attention to me and they didn't seem to think my floating was anything extraordinary. I didn't care what they thought -- I was having a good time.

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