Dream of: 17 December 2006 "Severed Rose Vine"

I was standing in the backyard of a big brick two-story house which Carolina and I had recently bought. I liked the house, although it was junked up and would have to be fixed up. A street ran behind the house past the other elegant brick houses in the old neighborhood. A big rose vine fluttered out into the street. The main stem (thick -- about five centimeters in diameter) had been recently hacked away.

A woman (about 50 years old) walked up and introduced herself. She said she owned the house next door, but she didn't live there. She lived in another area and she told me the name of the street three times, but I couldn't seem to understand her, although it sounded as if she were saying "Center Street." She said the houses where she lived where nice but inexpensive. Apparently she owned several other houses.

The house next door which she owned was nicer than the one I had bought. She indicated that the house was for sale and I asked her what she would take for it. Before she could answer, her husband (also about 50 years old) walked up. He said they wanted "six times twelve" for the house. I was mystified and I tried to figure out what he meant. Did he mean $80,000 or what? I thought maybe he figured he could rent the house for $3,000 a month and he was basing his calculation on that. Perhaps he had heard that the monthly rent could be doubled to $6,000 and that figure could be multiplied by 12, giving the value of the house. I wasn't sure.

I asked if I could walk through the house, and the woman immediately took me over to it. We entered and began walking around. I was amazed by the beauty of the large rooms. One room had a wooden floor, but it felt like walking on carpet.

We descended into a spacious basement. As we walked back up the stairs, I thought I noticed another set of stairs leading to a sub-basement. I asked the woman about it, and she affirmed that there was another basement below the basement.

We continued walking through the rooms. I had finally figured out that the price of the house was $72,000. I thought I would offer $65,000 of the house.

The woman and I walked back down to the basement again. The woman was holding my hand and very close to me. She pulled me closer to her and she asked, "Am I wrong?"

She pulled me closer, rubbed up against me, and began kissing me. She was attractive, but too old for my tastes. Nevertheless, she felt good. I was ready to say that she was wrong, that I couldn't become involved with her, but I allowed her to continue. I held her close and rubbed against her. It seemed bizarre, but if felt so good, I couldn't stop. I hoped this wouldn't interfere with my buying the house, because I still wanted the house. Nevertheless, I continued holding her.

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