Dream of: 15 December 2006 "Smoking On The Job"

As I was walking through the second floor of an abandoned house, I reached a room in the back and found two men inside. A bed and a little furniture were in the room -- apparently the two men had simply appropriated the room for themselves. One of the fellows (probably in his late 20s) was sitting down and he began talking with me. He told me he would sell me some marijuana for $250. I questioned him further and he told me he knew where some marijuana plants were growing, and for $250 he would tell me where they were. The deal seemed plausible to me and I questioned him further. When I asked him how many plants there were, he refused to tell me. I told him if he sold me the plants, I would find out anyway. I knew I wouldn't pay him the money without first seeing the plants. The deal was losing its appeal.

On a table in the room was a small-bore rifle, leaning against the wall.

I walked out of the room, headed down a hallway and went back downstairs. As I proceeded, I realized I actually owned this house. I had bought it to fix up.

When I reached the ground floor, I encountered George (a Portsmouth handyman who had recently been working for me). Apparently George had overheard the conversation upstairs, and he told me the deal for the marijuana was no good. He walked over to a little closet (the room was cluttered with junk everywhere), reached up to the top of the closet, and pulled out a big baggie filled with loose marijuana. After he had laid the baggie on a table, I walked over and looked at it. I asked him where the marijuana had come from. He didn't seem to understand what I meant, so I re-phrased and asked him what was the "origin" of the marijuana. I wanted to know if it was homegrown, from Mexico, or from somewhere else, but he didn't seem to know.

It looked as if he were going to roll up a joint for me. I thought I would definitely smoke a joint with him, and I might even buy some of the marijuana from him. I thought George might have previously been smoking some on the job when he had been working for me, and I knew smoking with him probably wasn't a good idea, because he worked for me. Nevertheless, I decided I was going to smoke the joint anyway.

I hadn't smoked any marijuana in a long time. In the past, if I had bought marijuana, I had tended to smoke one joint and throw the rest away. However, if I bought any marijuana from George, this time I wouldn't throw it away. This time I would keep it.

We still had 3-4 more hours to work today. I didn't know how I would feel after smoking -- I would probably simply dive into the work. George and I probably wouldn't even talk -- just work. 

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