Dream of: 14 December 2006 "Assuaged Feelings"

Carolina and I were in a Sach's department store. I was wearing my maroon roller blades, which I hadn't worn in a long time. As I skated around the store, I noticed I was the only person wearing roller blades. I was having quite a bit of trouble with skating: I kept bumping into people and I was unable to stop when I wanted. People were looking at me like something was wrong with me.

We went all through the store. Several times Carolina and I became separated, then found each other again. Just as we were finally ready to leave, near the entrance, I saw Wheat and Melanie (both in their early 40s) entering the store. On the other side of the room, they didn't see me and they walked into an adjoining room. I peeked around the corner at them. They looked healthy.

Wheat ran into three men whom he knew and when he began talking with them, I could hear what they were saying. Obviously Wheat hadn't seen the men in a long time. The men apparently used to be friends with Wheat. I hesitated to go in there myself. Finally, however, when the men stopped talking and they walked away, I skated into the room and said "hello" to Wheat and Melanie. They both seemed surprised to see me. Our greetings weren't effusive, but I was glad to see them.

Wheat and I started talking. I noticed Wheat didn't talk about his law practice, and he didn't ask me what I had been doing. We only talked generally, without going into any detail about anything. I pointed out my roller blades and I recalled Wheat and I used to roller blade together years before.

I told him I had dreamed the previous night that I had met him in a Sachs department store. I found it interesting that I would dream about seeing him right before I actually saw him like this. I told him that the night before last night, I had had another dream which had also come to transpire in reality the following day. Wheat didn't respond.

I had the vague impression that somehow I had once offended Wheat and Melanie. It seemed I had abruptly broken off contact with them, and they were still felt offended by that. They seemed to want me to acknowledge my offense. I began to feel a bit emotional, as if these had been my good friends, and I had abandoned them. My eyes were beginning to mist over. I walked over to Wheat and gave him a hug. I wanted to also pull Melanie toward me and give both of them a hug at the same time. I wanted them to know I still considered them good friends. Their feelings seemed assuaged.

Carolina was watching the whole event. I felt a little silly about being so emotional in front of her, but it didn't bother me much. After the hug, I thought everyone would feel better.

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