Dream of: 12 December 2006 "Imaginary Saxophone"

I was imagining what it would be like to play the saxophone. I remembered I had played the sax for a while when I had been younger. My imagination became so vivid, I actually seemed to be playing one. I was standing on the front porch of a house, blowing away on the sax, not loud, but enough to bring out the sound. I could play little tunes which I enjoyed hearing. People across the street even seemed to be listening to me.

I was enjoying myself, even though I again realized I had only been imagining I was playing. I recalled my father used to have a saxophone -- I wondered what had happened to it. He had probably stashed the saxophone away somewhere, like so many things in his life. He never shared his possessions, just kept them hidden away. No good ever came of his things. It would have been nice if he could have given me that saxophone and I had could have learned to play it. However, such was not the case.

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