Dream of: 10 December 2006 "Traumdeutung"

I was in a big square room with a wooden floor. My mother (about 40 years old) walked in and wanted me to do something for her. She had a job working for somebody and she wanted to quit the job. To do so, she needed to fill out about 500 governmental forms, each form having information about a different person. The previous day, I had gone with her and some other people to a government office. We had all taken the forms and turned them in at the office. I had given one heavy-set gray-haired woman at the office about 75-80 of the forms which hadn't been filled out.

Now my mother picked up an old-fashioned black phone and called the governmental office. She talked to a friend of hers named Alma in the office to see if we could get the forms taken care of. Then my mother handed the phone to me and I started talking with Alma. I had a copy of one form in my hand. I was interested in the form, because at the top of the form was the word "Traumdeutung." The word alone interested me, because I had never seen the word on any forms. I pronounced the word out loud. I knew it was the name of a book by Sigmund Freud, but finding the word on a form seemed unusual. I looked at the "e" in the word to see if it had an umlaut over it. I couldn't see clearly, but it looked as if a small indentation was on the top of the "e" for the two little dots for the umlaut.

Alma was very friendly. I told her what I needed. I told her I had given some forms to a woman in the office, and Alma tried to find them. The call however went on and on interminably. I thought my mother had used a calling card to make the call, so it was costing her a lot of money. Nevertheless, I hung on.

Other people began gathering in the room. It looked as if an activity were going to take place, although I was unsure what. All the people looked foreign. I thought they were probably Italian. They were dressed like peasants, but they looked clean.

I kept talking with Alma about the forms. She came across the word "hurly" in a form and she wanted to know if the person in that form was hurly. She asked me what hurly meant. I tried to think. I wasn't really sure, but I told her it meant big, moving fast. Then I said, "hurly burly." I also thought of an old junior high school chum, Ron Hurley.

As I was talking, a girl (16-17 years old) with the Italians (they seemed like a big family) walked over and stood so close to me, our cheeks almost touched. She was standing to my left, facing me, looking over my left shoulder, while I faced her looking over her left shoulder. She was plain but pretty, with shoulder-length black hair. She wasn't smiling. I was definitely attracted to her, but I thought she might be laying a trap for me to cause me trouble with the rest of her family. I didn't move any closer to her and finally she stepped away. Then she came back and again stood in the same place next to me. Now I was even more attracted to her.

Nevertheless, I continued talking on the phone with Alma. I kept listening and waiting, until I realized Alma seemed to be trying to fill out the forms right then. I told her there were 75-80 forms, and I didn't even know the people who were described in the forms.

A fellow (19-20 years old) from the Italian family walked over to me. I thought he might be the brother of the girl. He asked me if I were interested in "Blackberry." By now I knew Blackberry was the name of the girl, but I said, "Who's Blackberry?"

He walked away and a second fellow walked up to me. He also appeared to be a brother of the girl and he also asked me if I were interested in Blackberry. Even though I was interested, I said, "No."

I was afraid that I had crossed a line and that the fellows were going to fight me if I showed any interest. The second fellow walked away.

The father (a big burly man with black fuzzy facial hair) was looking at me from the other side of the room. I wasn't sure what was going to happen. I was interested in Blackberry, but I didn't think I should get involved with her.

About 40 members of the family were now in the room. They all gathered in a circle as if they were going to do a folk dance. They motioned for me to come over to them. I began to think perhaps they weren't so bad after all. I thought they were speaking Italian and I answered them, "No puedo."

I knew the words were Spanish, but I thought they might also be Italian. Somebody repeated my words, "No puedo."

They all started dancing in a circle, with their steps increasingly intricate. Little children were dancing with them. Clearly half of them didn't know what they were doing. So I could have fit in if I had wanted.

However, I still had to finish the call. I felt like telling Alma that I would call her back, but I knew I couldn't do that because it would only complicate the matter. I walked over to the corner, hoping to finish the call as quickly as I could.

The whole family began moving toward me, pushing the girl in front of them. They kept pushing until the girl was right up against me. Apparently they didn't have bad intentions -- Blackberry simply wanted to meet me. She was wearing a woolen sweater. I thought of putting one arm around her and dancing while I was still talking on the phone. However, I didn't think I could do that. I was in a bind. I wanted to be with her, but I had to finish this call first.

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