Dream of: 05 December 2006 "Total Loss"

I was in a large room with a couple hundred men of all ages (but trending toward an average of 30 years old). It seemed we had all come to attend a seminar. Looking out the window, I saw a two-story white frame house I owned across the street. It was sitting on the lot where the House in Patriot would normally sit. I noticed the house had a third story (of which I hadn't been aware), and looking closer, I realized the third story had been burnt. Almost the entire roof of the third story was burned out. I thought it would take a long time to repair the house. In the meantime the rain would be going into the house.

Next door was another two-story frame house which was connected to my house. The two almost looked like one big house, although I didn't own the second house. I owned several houses, but this was my favorite. I knew I needed to start working on it.

I suddenly realized that some smoke seemed to be coming out of the second house. The second house was obviously on fire. I knew I had to do something immediately. I was on the fourth or fifth floor of my building, so I was looking down on my house. I ran down the stairs, hollering for help all the way, and ran out of the building. I hollered for someone to call the fire department, which I knew was far away. I thought maybe I could get some water hoses from a neighbor. I could see the fire already coming out of the roof of the house and I feared I would be too late. I saw someone on the porch of the house two houses away who already had a couple hoses. I ran down to the man, grabbed one hose and asked him to bring the other one.

When I came back to the second  house, I realized it wasn't actually connected to my house. A space about a meter wide separated the houses. I thought if I sprayed my house with water, then sprayed water on the fire in the second house, I would still have a chance of saving my house. I hollered, "Help! Help" all the way and people began showing up to help. Finally some men from the seminar also began coming out. I recognized one man whom I had met somewhere and I begged him to help me. It looked as if he and some others were going to help. I thought I might still have a chance to save my house. I knew I didn't have any insurance. So if the house burned, it would be a total loss.

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