Dream of: 21 November 2006 "Waiting For The Ambulance"

I had run into my old girlfriend Vickie (probably in her late 20s). We were walking along together over snow-covered ground. Although I was happy to see her again, we managed to have a little dispute, and she walked off. As I watched her run down the street, I decided to run after her. I thought I might even try to race with her. After I took off running after her, I thought when I caught up with her, I would say, "Let's race."

We were both headed to the same place, five or six blocks away. I caught up with her and as I passed her, I said, "Let's race" and we continued running. When we reached a busy thoroughfare, I stopped because of the traffic, while she ran into the street and then stopped.

Suddenly, I envisioned myself inside an ambulance. I heard a thud, as if the ambulance had hit something, and I saw a perplexed look on the driver's face as if he thought he had hit something. He seemed uncertain whether to continue driving, but he just continued on.

When the vision passed, I was back on foot on the street, and I realized that Vickie had been hit by a car and that she was lying on her back in the street. I ran over to her and other people also ran up. She was still alive and conscious, but she looked as if she might be seriously injured. Someone called an ambulance.

In my mind I could see the headquarters of the ambulance where it was determined which ambulance to send. They found that the closest ambulance was the one which had actually hit Vickie. While that ambulance was sent back for Vickie, I stayed beside her, waiting for the ambulance.

Afterwards, Vickie and I were in a room with beds and Vickie was lying asleep on a bed. A fellow who had apparently been Vickie's boyfriend was sitting beside her, while I was sitting in another chair over to the side. When Vickie awoke, the fellow kissed her, barely touching her lips. Vickie looked as if she were embarrassed that he had kissed her in front of anyone. 

We were still waiting for the ambulance to come. We had already waited for almost an hour.

Suddenly the fellow saw me, became upset, and stood up as if he wanted me to leave. Although he was bigger than I, I walked over to him with no intention of leaving. As the fellow backed off a bit, I just wished the ambulance would hurry up and arrive. I hoped Vickie would be okay. I didn't want her to be crippled for life or have any permanent damage. 

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