Dream of: 20 November 2006 (2) "Economics"

I was in a big classroom (with more than 100 students) at a law school. I hoped the professor wouldn't call on me because I hadn't read the lesson. I moved from where I was sitting to an area over to the side where the professor couldn't see me. Some people were sleeping in beds in this area and I found a bed, laid down, and listened to the lecture.

The professor called on one student and asked him a question. At the same time the professor gave two answers to the question, one of which was right and one of which was wrong. The student had to pick one of the answers and he picked the wrong one. Obviously he hadn't read the lesson either.

The class was supposed to end at 12:00 p.m., but I was thinking about standing up and leaving early. It was only 11:30 but I was ready to leave. I realized, however, I had left my black shoes by the seat where I had first been sitting, and I didn't want to walk back over there.  Suddenly, however, the class ended a half hour early. I started looking for my black shoes. I found a couple pair of black shoes, but I didn't think they were mine. I put one pair of the shoes on just to test them. The shoes strings were about a meter long and I couldn't tie them. Obviously the shoes weren't mine. I continued looking for my shoes until I found them. I took off the shoes which weren't mine and put my own pair on. I then carried the other two pairs of shoes back to where I had found them. Two fellows were standing there, the apparent owners of the other two pair of shoes. I handed the shoes back to them, hoping they weren't angry.

The class had had something to do with economics and some people around me had started talking about economics. They were talking about it in a deep way, and I realized some of the people in the class were already starting get the feel of the subject. They would later apply what they had learned in their lives. I, on the other hand, had simply been slacking off. I hadn't really learned the material well. I knew economics could help me in the stock market. Other than that, I didn't feel as if I wanted to apply myself deeply to the subject.

The ceiling (which looked brand new) was about 30 meters high and made of dark brown wood. I decided I was going to float up to the ceiling in front of everyone and look at it. I might even lie down on one of the many rafters in the ceiling. Showing off because the other people in the room couldn't float, I began floating up to the ceiling. After I had floated all the way up to the rafters, I looked down and had the definite sense the people below me were upset. I could see several professors and some policemen, all of whom were agitated by what I was doing. So, I started floating back down. One policeman had something which looked like a pitchfork with a claw on the end. He touched me with the end of the claw when I was close enough to the ground, indicating that I should land. Several professors, policemen and students gathered around me, disdainfully looking at me because I had dared to float in the room. I didn't understand their attitude, but I knew I was going to immediately leave. Obviously these people didn't appreciate my flying abilities.

Soon after I landed, I picked up a pair of vice grips and stole them. I also picked up a book which was shaped like a board. I decided I wanted to knock off the corners of the book, so I used the vice grips to break off chips of wood on the corners. I walked out into the hallway where someone saw and objected to what I was doing.

I walked down the stairs, left the building, and started walking down the street. I continued chipping away at the book, until I realized I was hurting the binding and I stopped. I thought I might once again start flying, now that I was away from the school. I figured people probably didn't want me to fly outside either, but outside I should be able to fly and escape from people.

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