Dream of: 19 November 2006 "The Trap"

Early in the morning, I was looking at the posters in front of a movie theater. One colorful-looking movie called "Bell" was going to start at 9 a.m. Three teenagers walked up (alone, not together), bought tickets for the movie, and walked inside. I concluded the movie was aimed at juveniles and I doubted I would go in. I wasn't that interested. I was only thinking of going to a movie because I was going to be in the city for a couple hours before returning home.

The theater was on an upper level with about 10 descending steps in front to a landing, and then around 10 more descending steps to ground-level. Right in front of the theater was a platform with a balcony. I walked over to the balcony and looked down to some people standing below on the first level. Among them were two very pretty brown-skinned women (each about 25 years old). I decided to try to make contact with them (something I normally wouldn't do) and I made a sound like "Mmmmmmm."

As I continued looking at them, I realized one was actually a brown-skinned man (around 45 years old), and I immediately thought he was probably the father of the other woman. I looked away as if I hadn't made the noise, waited a few minutes, then saw the man ascending the stairs. He walked over to me and, speaking in French, confronted me, wanting to why I had made the noise. Although I understood him, I acted as if I didn't, and I didn't answer him. He confronted me again in French, and again I acted as if I didn't understand him. 

When he finally turned around and walked back down to the first landing, I uttered a word in Spanish. He turned around and looked back up at me. He walked back up the stairs, touched me in a threatening manner, then ran back down the stairs. He now looked younger. As he ran down the stairs, I saw a policeman standing on the first landing. I immediately began running down the stairs, thinking I would tell the policeman I had been assaulted.

The fellow stopped right next to the policemen. When I reached them, the policeman turned around, and I realized he wasn't a policeman at all. He had simply been wearing a police coat to trick me so I would run down there and be in a vulnerable area away from the people in front of the theater. I knew I had fallen into a trap. I thought they would probably grab me and I didn't know how I would respond.

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