Dream of: 18 November 2006 "The Back Bedroom"

I had been staying for several days in the back bedroom by the garage of the Summerdale Drive House. Carolina's husband Sal had gone away somewhere, but I wasn't sure when he was going to return.

As I lay in the bed, I felt a little chilly, and I looked up and saw the vent was open. I realized Carolina must leave the vent open all the time to let cool air in, even when nobody was there. I thought that must be expensive. I ought to tell her to close the vent. I knew Sal had a daughter who normally stayed in this room and I figured the vent was left open for her.

I was a little concerned because I didn't know when Sal was going to return. Completely naked, I stood up from the bed, walked into the kitchen, looked outside, and saw two cars which I hadn't seen before. One was a sports car and the other a Corvette. I suddenly realized Sal might have returned home.

I walked back into the bedroom. My pet Dalmatian Picasso was in the room. I said to Picasso, "Is he here? Is he here?" I was almost expecting Picasso to start talking to me, but he didn't say anything.

I walked back into the kitchen and found Carolina there. Even though I had been in the House for several days, I suddenly realized I hadn't yet looked at the improvements which Carolina had made on the House after I had moved out. I looked at the floor, which was covered with linoleum instead of ceramic tile. The linoleum was colorful and pretty, but poor quality, and I pointed out that it was already beginning to tear.

The counter top, which I had expected to be made of marble, was simply cheap veneer. Some of the veneer was even missing in the counter top over the dishwasher. Part of the dishwasher was even missing. I was surprised by how shoddy it all looked, especially since I knew Carolina had paid a bundle to have the work done.

Carolina indicated that she and Sal weren't getting along well and that they would probably get a divorce. I didn't say anything. I didn't know what to think. I hadn't thought they had a good marriage to begin with, but I didn't know for sure.

When I asked her if Sal had returned, she seemed befuddled, as if she didn't know what was going on. Apparently, however, Sal was indeed in the House and it sounded as if he were in the master bedroom. I was very concerned. I told Carolina I should at least put on some pants.

I walked back into the bedroom to put on some pants. When I thought I heard Sal come into the kitchen, I tried to shut the door to the bedroom, but it kept popping open. I pushed down on the door handle in an attempt to lock it. Then I pulled up on the handle to try to lock it. At least the door leading from the kitchen to the utility room was shut, so Sal wouldn't be able to see me from the kitchen. Nevertheless, I knew I needed to make my escape as quickly as possible.  

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