Dream of: 17 November 2006 "Dentist's Office"

Carolina had made an appointment for me with the dentist, Dr. Scurlock (from Portsmouth). When Carolina and I arrived at the office, Scurlock was not yet there. I had been to an appointment at this office about two months ago, and I wasn't happy about being there again. Nevertheless, I thought I might as well have my teeth checked again -- I didn't want to start having any problems with my teeth.

I needed to use the bathroom, and since Scurlock wasn't yet there, I walked out into the hallway and headed toward the bathroom on the other side of the hall. I walked in, urinated, then returned to the office.

Carolina had only told me about the appointment a few minutes before we had come. I wished I had flossed my teeth first, but I hadn't.

Scurlock was now in the office and he invited Carolina and me to eat with him. He was a tall thin black-haired man (about 60 years old). We sat down at a table and began eating. I had a plate of rice in front of me. The rice had a reddish tint, as if some seasoning had been put on it. I thought it strange that I would be eating right before having my teeth were checked. I would probably still have debris from the food in my teeth. It would be a good idea if I could floss after I ate.

Scurlock was sitting across the table from me. We talked a while, then we were quiet. I thought I might as well try to have an intelligent conversation with him. I knew I could talk intelligently if I wanted, and I figured he didn't have many intelligent people with whom to carry on conversations. He would probably appreciate the conversation, just as I thought I would appreciate talking with someone intelligent.

We touched upon one topic, and then I asked him what he thought about the population explosion. He seemed to open up. He said the population explosion was amazing. I said it was incredible the way the population was expanding. I was unsure whether the population was expanding at the rate of a million per day or a million per hour. I told Scurlock I had seen an internet site which displayed a counter which showed how fast the world's population was growing. Scurlock seemed interested.

Scurlock changed the subject and began talking of 80 acres of land which he owned. We were in the Dallas area, but the land was somewhere far away, apparently in west Texas. Scurlock said he would sometimes drive out to see the 80 acres. As he continued talking, leaning toward me, I had trouble understanding him, and finally his words were unintelligible. I realized he must have a speech impediment. I didn't know if I should say something about the problem, but finally I told him I couldn't understand him. He seemed relieved that I had pointed out the problem, and I had the feeling that many people didn't talk with him because they didn't understand him, but they wouldn't tell him they didn't understand him. I wondered if his wife even understood him -- perhaps she was the only person who did understand him. 

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