Dream of: 16 November 2006 "Church Parking Lot"

I was driving a red car and I pulled into the parking lot of a country church to take my pet Dalmatian Picasso for a walk. I pulled around behind the church into one of the two available parking spots. A tree-covered hillside abutted the parking lot on one side. As soon as I had parked, another car pulled in next to me on my driver's side, so close I thought the other car had scratched my car.

I climbed out of my car on the passenger side and walked around to examine the driver's side of my car and I found the other car was indeed touching my car. I walked around to the driver's side of the other car and found a woman (about 30 years old) sitting behind the steering wheel. When she stepped out of her car and I told her she had scratched my car, she seemed unaware of what she had done. We both walked around to the driver's side of my car and began looking at it. I wanted to show her the damage before the cars were moved. I pointed out that the cars were still touching. It appeared she had actually bent my door in one spot. There was another dent which appeared to have been made by a screw protruding from her car.

When she finally realized she had actually caused the damage, I thought perhaps we could settle the matter right here instead of calling the insurance company.

I thought instead of moving my car out, I would simply lift up my car and push it over. I did so and pushed my car about 10 centimeters from her car. I told her I would like for her to move her car out first. She didn't understand why. I told her it would be difficult for me to move my car out and turn without hitting her car because she was still so close to mine. She, however, had room on her other side in which to turn.

She got back in her car and pulled out. As she did so, I realized I had set a television (with some money sitting on top) and some other things outside my car. It looked as if the woman had run over the television, but it appeared undamaged. When the woman got out of her car and I asked her how she had backed out with all that stuff sitting behind her, she acted as if she hadn't even noticed the items.

Obviously the woman hardly knew what she was doing. I continued trying to figure out how to settle the matter.

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