Dream of: 07 November 2006 (2) "Deadly Contest"

I was watching a contest taking place in Portsmouth. Two tall thin men (each about 30 years old) were racing and chasing each other. Both were carrying large handguns. They ended up on the corner of 6th and Glover. The first man (slightly bald) ran into the big old gray building on the southeast corner (a little different in construction from the actual building).  The second man (black-haired and more virile) stayed outside. He stuck his gun in a window of the building and fired. I was surprised -- I thought people might even be in the building. Other people gathered around outside the building and watched the action, even though the situation was obviously dangerous and someone could easily be shot. I myself tried to hide behind something.

The second man began circling the building, trying to figure out if the man inside had come out. I could see the walls of the east side and the north side of the building. I hollered out to the second man that the first man hadn't come out of the building. I immediately wondered if I should have said anything.

The second man entered the building, and after a few moments, the first man came running out of the building. He ran across the street close to me. He appeared to have been wounded. Suddenly the second man burst out of the building and fired at the first man. The first man ran into the alley on the north side of 6th street and ran north. The second man continued firing at the first man, who looked like an easy target. Abruptly the first man stopped in his tracks and raised his hands to surrender. The first man knelt down on his knees as the second man walked up to him. The second man was clearly the winner of the contest and he wouldn't have to kill the first man since the first man had surrendered.

I walked over to the second man and I told him he had won a million dollars. He ignored me. Apparently I was insignificant to him. He simply stood there with his captive. Apparently he was waiting for the sponsors of the contest to arrive and award him his prize.

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