Dream of: 07 November 2006 "Jane Fonda For President"

I was sitting in a coliseum where the Democratic Party had assembled 20 candidates running for president. Ten were men and ten women. I thought having both men and women running was a good idea. Some women candidates (including Jane Fonda) were famous.

Of the two women sitting next to me, one was a candidate for president. The three of us talked a little, until the candidate asked me if a nearby concession stand was selling nuts. I said yes. I thought I should probably buy her some nuts since she had asked about them. However, since the nuts were so expensive, I didn't. She stood up herself, walked over to the stand, and bought some nuts. When she returned and sat down, the three of us continued talking.

I told the women that when I had seen that Fonda was running for president, I had fallen in love with her. What a wonderful president she would be, and how much the world would change for the better if Jane Fonda were president of the United States.

I reminisced about how brave Fonda had been when she had visited Viet Nam (I couldn't remember whether she had gone once or twice). I felt a bit erudite because I knew so much about Fonda, especially since the two women knew little about her. I also remembered seeing her in the movie A Doll's House. I continued to show off my knowledge of Fonda. I remembered her father was Henry Fonda, but I couldn't remember her mother. I asked the two women and they gave me the name of a fat women who had also been an actress. Now I vaguely recalled the woman as being the mother of Jane Fonda.

Unfortunately, I didn't think Fonda had any chance of winning the presidency, but how wonderful (even if only remotely possible) to think of Fonda as president.

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