Dream of: 05 November 2006 "Mathematics Class"

I was standing in front of a building where I had been taking a class in mathematics. As I headed for my class, I thought I would like to start studying calculus, but I was becoming so old and I was so far behind, I had my doubts. An old high school classmate, Prather, crossed my mind and I recalled how he (unlike myself) had studied calculus in college. He must know so much about calculus now, and I would only be beginning. I wished I knew more.

Another high school schoolmate, Hurley, was standing next to me. He was about 20 years old and he was also in my class. We were scheduled to have a test today in a half hour, but I wasn't ready for the test. Hurley pulled out some questions. I looked them over and I concentrated on one. It was a square root problem and I wrote down the little symbol for finding the square root. The task was to find the square root of the letters "fo." Underneath the "fo" were the letters "va." I thought the letters "va" would be easier to remember because I would simply think of "Veterans Administration."

I worked on the problem, and after I had solved it, Hurley pulled out his book to look up the answer. Suddenly, however, I realized this problem wasn't in Hurley's book because this was a problem from last year, and it wouldn't be found in this year's book. Some material about the problem was contained at the beginning of the book, but the problem itself wasn't there.

I abruptly realized I needed to start working on this year's questions. Since I only had a half hour before the test began, I thought I needed to go inside, sit down and start studying. I was hungry, and I would have liked to have eaten breakfast first, but since I didn't have time to both eat breakfast and study, I thought I must go inside and study.

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