Dream of: 04 November 2006 (2) "Driving Crazy"

I was riding in a pick-up truck which my mother owned and which she was driving. She was angry and driving crazy. She jerked into a vacant lot and drove between two buildings, through a narrow passageway which headed straight down. She scratched both sides of the truck and crashed into something at the bottom of the passageway.

I was furious. She was acting demented and she appeared to have almost completely lost her mind. She no longer seemed like herself. I called her a "fucking bitch." We climbed out of the truck and I tried to show her what she had done. The roof of the truck was bent and the truck was stuck on something. I told her I would have to go find a wrecker and that would cost another $100. I wasn't even sure the wrecker would be able to pull the truck out.

More than anything, however, I was worried by this area -- a dangerous place where Hispanic gangs hung out. Suddenly I saw some gang thugs coming toward me and I knew I had to get out of there and fetch help for both of us. The gang members chased me as I took off running toward a nearby shopping mall. I ran across the parking lot of the mall, hollering, "Help me! Help me!"

Some people ran up to help. I enlisted their aid and together we headed back to where I had left my mother. I just hoped the gang hadn't hurt her. I began to imagine what an ugly sight if the gang had torn off the old woman's clothes and tried to rape her. Maybe the gang had badly hurt her. I didn't know. Even if she weren't hurt, she was so out of control, I didn't think she would be able to live much longer with my sister. I could see that she was rapidly losing her mind and that some day she would have to be institutionalized. Nothing else could be done. It was very sad that it had come to this. I could remember when she had had a normal mind -- but now her mind was almost completely gone.

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