Dream of: 04 November 2006 "Ransacked"

Carolina and I were in front of the 17th Street House. The House was located on the northwest corner of 17th and Mabert instead of in its normal location. Carolina had been carrying some stuffed animals and other things out of the House and setting them close to the street to give away. I also had some things in the House which I wanted to set out to give away.

To my surprise, however, other people showed up and began setting things out in front of the other houses all up and down the street. It looked as if the people were setting the stuff out there to sell. Soon the entire block was crowded with a throng of people. Finally I figured out that the city of Portsmouth was sponsoring some kind of event where people could sell stuff. Anything which wasn't sold within a certain time would be donated to the city. The city would then auction off whatever it had received.

I thought that I could likewise set out some stuff which I had stored in the garage, and that Carolina could sell the stuff she had been setting out instead of just giving it away. However, so many people had thronged in so fast, all the space out front quickly disappeared. People were even walking around in my back yard. A couple strange dogs were also in the back yard. I noticed the grass was high in my yard and I wished I had known about this event so I would have at least cut the grass.

I walked into the back yard. I noticed the large oak door which I had recently bought was leaning up against the back porch door. I also became aware the regular door on the back porch was missing, so only the unattached oak door was standing in the doorway. I immediately realized I needed to keep an eye on the back porch lest someone try to get in the House.

Nevertheless, I walked back around to the front of the House. The sale had begun and throngs of people were crowding in. Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of people were pushing. I moved in close to Carolina, who was overwhelmed by everything. More and more people crowded in and pushed us until I became separated from Carolina and I was pushed all the way to top of the roof of the front porch.

Below me, in the front yard, a fight had started and the people began crowding around the two men fighting. I frantically looked down and tried to spot Carolina. I was afraid she might be crushed to death. People finally began to disperse, and I spied Carolina (wearing a white shirt) sitting on the ground and looking up at me. I asked her if she were alright and she indicated she was.

I climbed down from the roof. Carolina and I immediately went inside the front door of the House. I headed toward the back door to see if anyone had come inside. I saw immediately that the entire interior of the House had been ransacked. Nothing was left -- just some trash lying around. The big oak door was still on the back porch, but it was turned over on its side. I looked for a shotgun which had been in the kitchen, but it was no longer there. I went down to the basement which had also been and found it ransacked and cleaned out. I headed back upstairs toward the second floor. I knew my .38 caliber handgun was up there somewhere, although I couldn't remember exactly where. I figured it had probably also been taken.

I thought I would probably at least call the police. I also thought I might even sue the city for sponsoring an event which had turned into a riot.

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