Dream of: 03 November 2006 (2) "Not Making Sense"

I had been living with my father (about 50 years old) for a short while in a boarding house which he owned. While I was talking with him, he abruptly told me I was going to have to move out. I was angry because I had just gone through a big hassle to move all my stuff in, but I decided I would just gather my things together and leave.

I walked back to my room where I was astounded to find two men searching my room. They were plain-clothes, but obviously policemen, riffling through everything. They finally pulled up the mattress from the bed to look underneath. Under the bed was all kind of junk which had been there when I had moved in. I told them if they found any dope under there, it wasn't mine. As soon as I had said that, they became very interested, and began minutely searching thorough the stuff under the bed.

Right along the frame of the bed they found a little piece of something green which looked like marijuana and they snatched it up. I thought they certainly were going to arrest me. However, they didn't. They searched a while longer, then walked out the door. Apparently they were going to take the little green piece to the lab and test it.

 A few minutes later, two other men walked in the door and told me I was under arrest. They took me outside into the hallway, and then into another room which contained seats as might be found in a stadium. I sat down. Soon about 20 more people came into the room. Somehow these people were involved in my case, but I couldn't figure out how or why. I knew it simply couldn't be for that tiny piece of marijuana. There had to be some other reason.

One person was looking at some pictures, and I saw a picture of a woman in the group with the word "Sears" written under the picture. It was all a mystery to me. I couldn't figure out what they were trying to prove, but they were certainly going to a lot of trouble to pin something on me. I again reflected that possession of marijuana wasn't even a major offense in Ohio. I would easily be able to make bond. I asked them how much the bail would be, but I didn't receive an answer. I thought I might need an attorney. I thought about Smith (a Portsmouth attorney), but I knew he was my father's attorney, so I wouldn't be able to use him. I would have to find someone else, if I even decided I needed an attorney.

I just couldn't understand. Why in the world were they after me? Why had they gone to all the trouble of bringing 20 different people into the case? It just didn't make sense.

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