Dream of: 03 November 2006 "Literally Changed"

I was in the Summerdale Drive House even though I no longer lived there. Carolina lived there with Sal. I was in a little bathroom (off from the kitchen) where I had been staying for a while. Carolina (around 30 years old) opened the door to the bathroom and stood in front of me. She hadn't known I was staying in the bathroom and she was surprised to see me. She was just about to shut the door back, when I jumped out and told her I wanted to see the House.

I walked through the kitchen and looked around. I asked her if Sal were home and she told me he had already left. I walked through the whole House and I was amazed at how different it was. She had changed almost everything in the House. It didn't even look like the same House. A fancy new sink and new cabinets were in the kitchen. Closets had been torn out and new hardwood floors had been laid. I told her it literally didn't look like the same House. I thought how the word "literally" was sometimes overused; but in this case it was true.

I wondered why clothes were hanging everywhere; but then I realized all the closets had been torn out so there was no place to hang the clothes. The House did indeed have more space without the closets. The whole place seemed bigger.

As I was standing in the living room, I thought I saw something white pass by the back door outside. I immediately thought Sal must be returning. I asked Carolina if she had seen anything and she said she hadn't. She headed toward the back of the House and I headed toward the front door. I thought I would slip out the front door. I hollered for my pet Dalmatian Picasso to come with me, but he wouldn't come. Carolina came back and tried to make Picasso go with me. Just as I saw the back door opening, I stepped out the front door. Picasso ran out with me and I shut the door behind me. I headed toward the Fletchers' house next door. I hoped Sal hadn't seen me. I definitely didn't want to have an encounter with him. I thought I would circle over to the Fletchers' while keeping an eye on the House.

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