Dream of: 02 November 2006 "Pontiac And Harrison"

I walked into a room containing 15-20 desks and sat down next to a woman seated at one of the desks. She was drawing something. I liked her and I sat next to her for a little while. Finally, I stood up, walked around the room, and sat down next to another woman at a desk with a big light over it. This woman was also drawing something, and I also liked her. She drew very fast and very good. She was drawing with a pencil, and it looked as if she were drawing a picture of an Indian and a white man. I told her she should try to make the color of the skin of the white man brown, and make the Indian white. I told her it would also be interesting if she gave the Indian blue eyes and the white man brown eyes for contrast. She didn't pay any attention to anything I said, but simply continued to draw. 

Up above her head was a picture screen, and suddenly I was amazed to see that her drawing had appeared on the screen. Not only did the picture appear on the screen, but it started a rendering process which made the drawing look real. The picture became animated and began to move. Then a voice from the screen began telling a little story. I was utterly amazed. Apparently a person could start off with a simple drawing and from the drawing create a whole story. Suddenly several little boxes came on the screen to indicate choices which the woman could make to continue the story.

I immediately liked the whole concept and I wanted to become involved. However, since I knew I couldn't draw well, I thought I might simply be able to use some pictures to start out. I thought I wanted to tell the story of the Indian Pontiac and president William Henry Harrison. I couldn't remember exactly how Pontiac and Harrison had been involved together, but I had an image of a picture I had seen showing Pontiac standing majestically in a field, holding out something in both his arms, as if he were surrendering to Harrison. I wasn't sure if the image I had in my mind was accurate, but I thought I could try to find that picture, and then I could tell the story of how Pontiac had surrendered to Harrison.

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