Dream of: 01 November 2006 "Working On Sunday"

Carolina and I were in the Summerdale Drive House. She was now married to Sal, but he wasn't home at the moment, and Carolina and I had had sex. I wasn't satisfied, however, and I wanted to have sex again. Now, however, she was in another room and I knew she didn't want to have sex again. She wanted me to leave because she was afraid Sal would return home. I likewise worried he would return home. Even though we were in different rooms, I spoke to her and begged her to have sex one more time. She was adamant, however, that she didn't want to.

Finally, she and I met again in the living room. It was Sunday and she was getting ready to go to work. I knew she worked all day on Sundays and I said something about working on Sunday. She was dressed up in a red work dress. I gave up hope of having sex again.

Just as we both stepped out the back door, a car pulled into the back driveway. I thought Sal might be in the car, but I wasn't sure. At any rate, I intended to simply jump in my car and drive off.

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