Dream of: 27 October 2006 "Paris, Texas"

I was riding on a bus, traveling cross-country. The interior of the bus was huge, more like a waiting room than a bus. Probably 40-50 people were aboard, most in their 20s. I thought I half-recognized one fellow with long frizzy hair. After we had traveled for several hours and the people had been talking among themselves, I thought of asking the fellow if he had any marijuana. However, I decided not to ask.

A couple women were sitting behind me to my left. I thought I caught the eye of one and that she might want to talk with me. I hesitated at first, but as we drew closer to our destination, I finally turned around, looked right at her and said, "What's your name?"

She was friendly -- pretty but not extremely attractive. She answered, "Pam."

I asked, "Where you from. "

She answered, "Hope."

I immediately knew she was talking of the birthplace of Bill Clinton, which I thought was Hope, Texas, and the words "Hope, Texas" passed through my mind. I told her I had been through there many times. I told her I was from the Dallas area and I had often passed through Hope when I had traveled back and forth to Ohio to visit my father and my mother.

I asked the second woman where she was from and she answered, "Paris, Texas."

I babbled that Paris was off the beaten path. I said I had been to Paris before, but I didn't pass through there regularly. I thought I would ask her how the movie Paris, Texas had affected the town. I had wondered about that before, but I had never talked with anyone from Paris, Texas to find out.  

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