Dream of: 23 October 2006 (2) "Pigeon Release"

My wife and I were sitting in the back seat of a car. Another married couple (in their mid 30s) was sitting in the front. We were on a trip together. The man had been driving, but after I fell asleep for a while and woke back up, the woman was driving. The woman had taken a little road off to the side and she was looking for a restroom. She had seen a sign indicating that a restroom was located down this little road. The man and woman were arguing about whether they would find the restroom (apparently the man hadn't wanted to take this little road).

Finally they spotted a sign which said that a park would be coming up. We drove unto a long silver bridge and crossed a river. I wasn't sure, but I thought we might be in Tennessee. Once we had crossed the bridge, a lane turned into a park. The woman pulled into the park and the four of us stepped out of the car.

A sign in the park said that pigeons were released there. Nearby we saw some young people (probably in their late teens) and suddenly we heard a loud flutter of wings. I looked into the sky and saw a group of pigeons flying up. I found this very interesting. Apparently people came to this park and released pigeons. I figured the pigeons would fly back after a little while.

I pointed the pigeons out to my wife and I told her they were flying in circles. She didn't see them at first, but then the pigeons flew down low and seemed to hover in one spot.

I also noticed four very black hawks, with their legs tethered, sitting on perches. Their feathers were fluffed out and they looked rather sinister. I was unsure of their purpose.

I walked back to the car and let my pet Dalmatian Picasso out. A little black dog was chasing a Frisbee which someone was throwing. Another fluffy dog came near me and I grabbed it, mistaking it for Picasso. When I realized the dog wasn't Picasso, I let it go. Picasso meanwhile had walked over to some people sitting in a circle. He lay down and the people petted him. He started rolling around in some dust, getting the dust all over him. I pointed out to my wife what he was doing.

I really liked it there - it was so pleasant. I figured the other people there were a group of Christians. I wouldn't mind spending some time with these people and becoming involved in the pigeon release. Just being there for a few minutes was a pleasant experience. I knew, however, that we had to travel on.

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