Dream of: 23 October 2006 "Broken Glass"

I was paying an unexpected visit to my father (about 50 years old) and Kay (about 30 years old) who were living together in a very nice house atop a hill. Since I rarely visited them, this was an unusual occurrence. Unfortunately, in the course of my visit, I maladroitly managed to destroy some paper object and to break a little cup.

Now I had stretched out my metal tape measure and the end had snagged a rippled green glass (about two centimeters tall) sitting on a table. The tape was reeling in toward me, pulling the glass toward the edge of the table. My father, Kay, and I all watched as the glass tumbled off the table. At first I didn't think the glass would break; but when it hit the floor, I heard a snap, and it lay broken on the floor.

Kay sat there as if she were half in shock, then started talking about how the glass had been a gift from her father years ago. I picked up some pieces of the glass.

Obviously this visit was going downhill and I needed to get out of there. I stood up and walked into the next room. Now I could hear my father talking about some empty files which he had found. It sounded as if he were accusing me, saying to Kay that I had taken some papers out of the files. I knew I hadn't done that, but obviously I needed to leave.

I had ridden a motorcycle up there and I had parked it in front of the house. So I wouldn't have to see my father and Kay again, I slipped out the back door. I walked through a pretty jungle-like area, past a little creek and headed around to the front of the house. I reflected that I also lived on this same hill, on the other side. I thought someday I might try to walk there through the woods.

As I headed toward my motorcycle, I wondered if my father would have given me something if I had asked for it. For example, what if I had found an old record album with a cover created by the artist Alex Steinweiss. If I really wanted the album, and he didn't have any need for it, would he have given it to me? I doubted it.

Right now, I just wanted to get out of there. I didn't think I would ever return.

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