Dream of: 22 October 2006 "New Roommate"

I was planning to rent an apartment, actually just one large room, in a big building. Someone had arranged for a woman (about 20 years old) from a poor Spanish-speaking family, to move in with me. I hadn't yet met the woman.

I pulled my car up in front of the building and parked. I climbed out of the car, walked inside and began climbing the stairs up to the apartment, located on the third or fourth floor. I had seen the apartment once before, but today the woman and I were going to move in. On the way up, I met a couple Hispanic boys (15-16 years old). They apparently were part of the woman's family. They accompanied me up to the room and we walked inside. They had already begun moving some of the woman's possessions into the room, even though she had yet arrived.

The room looked different from the one I thought I had rented. This room seemed smaller. There was even a set of stairs in the room, leading down. Suddenly I realized we were in the wrong room: we were on the third floor, and the room I had rented was on the fourth floor. Several other members of the family showed up in the doorway (six or seven altogether) and I told them we were in the wrong room. They looked like a decent family. The father (about 45 years old) walked in. He was thin and not tall. He wanted to talk with me.

However, I noticed a television in the room was turned on to a program about stocks. I particularly noticed the stock "AA" which I thought was the symbol for American Airlines had fallen all the way down to 69 cents a share. I wanted to buy some of the stock and I wanted to buy it right now. Suddenly the stock jumped up to 74 cents. I thought I would buy 1,000, which would only cost $690. That seemed like a lot of shares, but I felt sure the stock would bounce back. Of course the company could go bankrupt. Obviously the company had a major problem if the stock was going down that low. I needed to call and make the trade immediately.

The father, however, wanted to talk with me right now. We walked out into the hall so we could go to the other room on the fourth floor.

I reached the fourth-floor room which was much nicer than the room on the third floor. Two sisters (only 13-14 years old) of the woman moving in with me were in the room. They were very pretty. One sat down next to me on the bed. Just sitting next to her was quite pleasurable. I liked both sisters.

It seemed a bit strange, however, that the family was approving of the woman moving in with me. Obviously they were letting her move in because they were so poor.

The father finally arrived and started talking to me in Spanish. He said his daughter wasn't there because she had been picked up and put in jail. I couldn't completely understand what he was saying and I tried to figure out why the woman was in jail. He explained that she had had a problem in traffic and apparently her windshield wipers hadn't been working. She had been put in jail because of faulty windshield wipers.

I thought we needed to immediately go and bail her out of jail. Since I was a lawyer, I could simply sign and have her released without even paying the bond, which I figured was about $118. I told the father we needed to immediately go and get her out of jail.

He and I walked out of the room. When I started down the stairs, however, I discovered some steps were missing. The father jumped down over one step, then slid on some flat marble (which was under the stairs) the rest of the way to the bottom. As I watched him, I decided going down these stairs was too dangerous. I knew another set of stairs was on the other side of the building. I hollered to the father that I would meet him downstairs, and I headed toward the other set of stairs.

As I hurried through the hallway, I began having second thoughts about living in this building. What would I do in case of a fire? It might be hard to escape. I remembered I had seen trees outside the window of the room I had rented. In case of emergency, I could probably jump onto a tree and climb down.

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