Dream of: 21 October 2006 "German College"

My pet Dalmatian Picasso and I were walking around a college campus, when Picasso started running around with a big short-haired brown dog. The other dog had a short stubby snout and was three times the size of Picasso. Both dogs were chasing after a toy or ball. They would both grab the object at the same time and try to pull it away from each other. Since the other dog was so big, I was worried it might try to attack Picasso. Soon it looked indeed as if the other dog was attacking Picasso and I thought I needed to find something with which to fend off the dog.

Two hunting knives were lying on the ground in front of me. I picked one up. I didn't want to hurt the other dog, but if I had to, I would stab it. I also picked up a stick, and when the dog attacked Picasso and bit him on the side, I ran up and tried to push the dog away with the stick. I would only stab the dog if I had to. Fortunately, the dog broke away and backed off, so I didn't have to stab it.

I finally realized where I was: Germany. I had just arrived today. I was on a college campus where I intended to attend classes. I was in a hurry to reach a particular building where I was going to take a test. If I passed the test, I wouldn't have to take one of the courses. I was already running late, so I hurried on to reach the building. I was concerned, however, about what I would do with Picasso when I went inside to take the test. I had his blue leash with me, but I didn't want to tie him up outside for fear that someone might take him. I didn't want to let him run loose either. I thought the only solution would be to command him to sit, and then find a room inside with a window so I could watch him. otherwise, I wasn't even sure I would be able to take the test.

As we continued on, a slender curly-haired. man (about 25 years old) stepped up and began talking to Picasso. The man was wearing lipstick and I immediately knew he was gay. He walked along with us and started talking with me in a very friendly manner in German. I couldn't understand everything he said, but I understood when he asked me if I had seen the sights of the city. I answered in German and told him I had just arrived and I hadn't seen anything. He told me he would be glad to show me around later.

I looked at my gold-colored Seiko wrist watch. It said 8:10. I thought to myself that I hadn't yet reset my watch and that the time was an hour earlier here. But since the test was supposed to begin at 7:00, I was already 10 minutes late anyway.

Some other students began walking along with us. Among them were a couple women (about 20 years old). Finally we all sat down together on the grass and continued talking. They all seemed glad to see me and I could hardly believe how friendly they all were. I finally said, "Ich verstehe nur die Halfte."

I reflected that I had been speaking a lot of Spanish and French lately, but I hadn't spoken any German in a long time. I thought of asking if any of them spoke Spanish. Instead, I simply explained to them that my German was rusty and they began speaking slower. I added that in two or three days I would be able to understand almost everything in German. I told them I had come here intending to speak German.

The city was quite small and remote. I asked if any other Americans were here. They said they didn't know of any other Americans, and they asked me if any other Americans had come with me. I said, no. Then they asked me if Osama Bin Laden or another well-known terrorist sheik had come with me. Jokingly, I told them I had brought the sheik with me.

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